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Product Development Engineering is a Mechanical Engineering consultancy, based in Newbury, providing cost effective mechanical design and product development services, 'on-site' or remotely, to a range of businesses.
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Product Development Engineering

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We are an engineering consultancy specialising in product development. We have designed many different types of products, but our main expertise is in the design of rotating equipment, actuators and mechanisms.

We run a full design office using SolidWorks to generate 3D models of parts using features ranging from simple extrusions to complex surfaces.

We produce drawings to comply with BS 8888, using metric or imperial dimensions, and fully toleranced. Our manufacturing data packs contain full Parts Lists, itemised Assembly Drawings, detailing all manufactring operations, and Part Drawings. We can also produce manufacturing process sheets, exploded views and step-by-step assembly guides.

We can offer full configuration control but also have the flexibility to adapt our documentation and processes to suit our customers requirements.

Product Development Engineering was started in 2004 by Richard Page, an experienced Chartered Mechanical Engineer and Project Manager with 25 years experience of designing and developing mechanical products.

Based in Newbury, Berkshire, Product Development Engineering provides design and development services to assist organisations of all sizes in getting their products to market.

We provide a full design and drafting service, project management, risk assessment and manufacturing. All our services are priced competitively and where possible offered on a fixed fee basis, so that our clients have full visibility of the development cost.

We assist companies of varying sizes to develop a wide range of product types, within an array of different industries

We understand the task facing the individual looking to get a first product into the market place. We can provide a market analysis, product feasibility study, concept visualisations and cost analysis that can be used with potential investors, and we will do that on a fixed price 'step-by-step' basis.

After investment we can produce a full manufacturing data pack and assist in the selection of manufacturing partners.

We provide a complete design office function for small businesses or manufacturing organisations without their own design team. We work with them to develop new products to complement their existing range or to diversify into new markets.

We integrate as much as possible into our client's systems to provide a seamless service. This will include producing design templates (drawing borders, BoMs etc) to blend with client documents. We also take time to understand our customer's products and processes so that we can respond effectively to new requirements.


We provide a design outsourcing service to larger organisations to assist design departments during busy periods. We take on specific design tasks, such as the design of an individual product, sub assembly or part, and deliver a design pack that can be seamlessly incorporated into a document management system.

We conduct work for a fixed price and deliver to an agreed schedule.

In order to check that a design will achieve its requirements and to minimise risk, it should be verified at an early stage of the development.

We conduct early design verification using Cosmos FEA for complex parts and engineering calculations for simpler ones.

As they often involve novel elements, we believe that the development of new products requires careful project management. We like to use a risk based approach. If you liken the development of a product to a car journey to somewhere you have not visited before, a project plan is a map showing you how to get there, whereas a risk assessed plan is more like sat nav; showing you likely trouble spots and how to avoid them.

The assesment process identifies decision points, that enable stage reviews to be incorporated into the project. These ensure that key criteria are satisfied before time and money is invested in the next stage, reducing project risk and minimising overall cost.

As it is possible that the end route is not the same as that intended at the outset, we also try to maintain flexibility in the project around key areas, ie. by designing in features to allow alternative components to be used, to minimise the effect that changes will have on the timescale and cost.

Sometimes a piece of tooling is required to manufacture or assemble a product and there is nothing suitable available off-the-shelf.

We design bespoke tooling and test fixtures to meet these requirements; ranging from simple jigs up to high torque / speed dynomometers.

We produce detailed designs for injection moulded and cast components, taking into account draft angles and tooling requirements for injection moulded features such as clips.

We have designed actuators with a wide range of performance; from miniature units with a stroke length of a few millimetres up to our largest unit which has a stroke length of 2.4m and lifts a load of 60kN at a speed of 500mm/s.

If you have an actuator requirement, we can help you to finalise the product specification and give you a quote to produce a complete design. We can also arrange manufacture if required.

We can produce designs for single components or for assemblies with hundreds of parts.

Some of the other products we have designed for include - Set-Top boxes / Consumer Goods, Automotive / Motorcycle components, Mechanisms for use in defence applications, Motors and Fans, Sustainable Power Generators, Aerospace Sensors and Medical devices.

Concept designs and feasibility studies can be used to demonstate the design principles of a particular product or system.

We produce concept designs and from these can estimate mass, cost and performance. This information can be used in technical proposals or project evaluations.

Below are links to websites that we have found to be a useful source of design data.We have no agreements with any of these organisations and make no recommendations on the products nor take responsibility for the information found. - for data, calculatons and CAD downloads for bearings, bearing accessories, roller screws, ball screws etc. - the Institution of Mechanical Engineers vitrual library holds a wealth of information for members. - a great source of mechanical engineering information.





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